Friday, January 25, 2013

Pressuring Apple to release iOS Source Code

The first time Samsung pushed Apple into releasing the source code for iOS, was back in 2011. It was an Australian court trial in which he had settled if the firmware of the iPhone 4S had infringed certain patents of the Korean company.

However, that request did not fall into oblivion, and it is now that Samsung has again put pressure on the Cupertino company to reveal the intricacies of iOS source code 6. Again, the purpose is to determine whether Apple's mobile operating system (specifically the notification center) violates some patents.

Pressuring Apple to release the source code for iOS

However, Apple's lawyers were ready. According to them, the competition is asking them to reveal their precious data, which is crazy. A good part of their business model is based on the secrets behind its mobile operating system.

presiones apple liberar codigo ios 477x350 Presionan a Apple para que Libere el Código Fuente de iOS

But Samsung is not alone in this request. It turns out that Motorola and Google have also asked for the source code for iOS, receiving the same answer. All argue that the notification center Apple operating system is a shameless copy of the proposed system by Samsung, violating some patents of the Korean company.

Apple, meanwhile, argues that Samsung wants to appropriate technologies that were being used broadly by all industry players.

This morning, a German court has determined that the company had violated Apple's patent Samsung 3G communications, but it will not kill off the case until it is determined whether the patent was valid Koreans.

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