Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prepare for the Liberation Cydia Jailbreak iOS 6.1

Always so with all Jailbreak. The new jailbreak is released and people rush to download all your favorite apps and tweaks in Cydia. The result is a bad experience because it causes saturation in Cydia and repos servers which house the various applications. When a new jailbreak is released, usually have to spend a few days until the dust settles and everything returns to normal levels.

cydia jailnreak lento Preparan Cydia para la LiberaciĆ³n del Jailbreak de iOS 6.1

Worried about the slowness of Cydia when released the latest Jailbreak? Do not worry

This time, however, and Saurik repo managers appear to be taking preventive action to ensure a better experience after the release of Jailbreak. While nothing is guaranteed, it seems that this time we will have a much better experience when it launches iOS 6.1 Jaibreak .

The big difference has to do with the way in which this will be displayed on Cydia Jailbreak. At the request of Saurik, seems Planetbeing and the rest of the team deployed a version evad3rs "pre-primed" in Cydia Jailbreak. This means that Cydia will not have to go out and ask the entire package in the catalog as now. Instead, Cydia and have added a catalog of all the default repositories as ModMyi, BigBoss, etc.

This, as Saurik explains, is what really saturated Cydia immediately after a new jailbreak is released. Now that does not require a complete update of all repositories, Cydia experience should be much faster when the jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is released. Almost there to check.

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