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Possible Apple Releases Map for 2013

With all the bad publicity that Apple has been getting lately and its shares down more than 30% to the company could use some fresh bad. And according to a new report, Apple could have a number of new products planned for 2013.

lanzamientos apple 2013 kuo Posible Mapa de Lanzamientos de Apple para 2013

The potential map for 2013 Apple launches says there will be multiple iPhone, iPad and more Mini Retina

Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, who has a good track record in predicting Apple's plans in terms of product launches, has just published a new report describing what he thinks the apple company plans to this year.

The iPhone

According to Kuo, Apple will present both an iPhone and an iPhone 5S renovated with new design (the supposed iPhone cheaper), both about June or July 2013. He says the iPhone 5S will closely resemble the current model, renewing the processor to switch to A7 and including a fingerprint sensor and improved camera. And as for the possible new model, he believes it is likely to have much to do with all the rumors that are emerging, thus launching a model slightly thicker, with different manufacturing materials and also with colors.

The analyst is not too wet in the predictions about the iPhone 5S, since most of the dating rumors for June or July. Considering what Apple did with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S, is a safe bet that the iPhone 5S will equal the iPhone 5 but improving performance. The function of fingerprint sensor sounds a little weird, but nothing like Apple acquired the company AuthenTec , I suppose it could be possible. And on the possible economic iPhone not know what to think, but where there's smoke.

The iPad

As for the Apple tablet, Kuo believes that this year the Cupertino updated both the 9.7-inch version as the iPad Mini. He says the iPad Mini finally get the Retina display everybody cries. And the great iPad receive a slight design change to give it a slimmer profile and make it lighter and less bezel, thus approaching the design of the iPad Mini. Interestingly Kuo thinks that both products are rising while the new iPhone at the keynote stage, in Q3 of this year.

They are a fairly realistic predictions. We've heard several rumors and reports that Apple is working to implement the Retina display on the next iPad Mini. And the slight redesign of the iPad large to be thinner and lighter also makes sense. However, the time frame does not match what heard so far, because the rumors pointed to an update of both tablet in March .

Other products

For the rest of Apple products, Kuo predicts a complete renovation of all lines. For example, predicts that Apple will remove the MacBook Pro will not lower the price Retina and Retina model. In addition, because of the problems to produce large screens, Kuo also think that this year will see an iMac with Retina display. As for the iPod Touch, the analyst believes that Apple removed the fourth generation sales climbing fifth generation iPod Touch. As for the Apple TV, says only see a small update since 2014 says that Apple will launch its TV.

Again, Kuo not too wet. I do not understand how Apple could launch an iMac with Retina screen without the price shoot up. Note that the current 27-inch, and is fast approaching the 1,900 euros. Imagine what it could be worth if it had Retina display. And as for the iPod Touch, and was renewed this year with the 5th generation, so I do not expect that in 2013 there is no change. His ideas about the Apple TV are interesting but, like other analysts, seems to think that Apple is about to make it big in the world of television this year. Of course, this does not mean they will do.

As you can see this year could be very interesting for those who are fans of Apple. However, we must bear in mind that these are the predictions of a single man.

What do you think of predicting Kuo?. Do you think that you will catch?. Tell us your own prediction.

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