Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pod2g hurries Apple to launch iOS 6.1

103262 1280 Pod2g mete prisa a Apple para que lance iOS 6.1

Hurries pod2g on Twitter Apple to launch iOS 6.1. The hacker known cited in a series of tweets to jailbreak developers that had been found a hole in the mobile OS and the Cupertino company would expect to release by Apple release iOS 6.1 for your tool.

Yesterday news broke that Planetbeing had said on Twitter that he had gotten a lot progress in recent days and he saw a bright future for the jailbreak . Today pod2g has published: "Let Apple. and launches the 6.1 "citing Planetbeing hackers, MuscleNerd and Pimskeks.

Thus it is clear that the developers have found a number of holes in the iOS system to issue a long-awaited tool jailbreak, but are waiting for the release of iOS 6.1 for spending an exploit for versions 6.0.1 , 6.0.2 in case Apple's shooting before releasing iOS 6.1. We will have to wait for the apple company launched the new update to the jailbreak developers take out a tool. From here we suggest that if iOS 6.1 is released these days and expect to not actualize that hackers are pronounced the steps to take if you want to jailbreak. Once available we will inform you.

More - Planetbeing "The jailbreak has a great future"

Source - iClarified

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