Thursday, January 31, 2013

Playing God with Pixel People, the new game from Chillingo

Pixel People is the new game from Chillingo where you have to play God and not just build a city pixelated, but to apply our "knowledge of advanced genetics" to cross different trades and get new ones.

Pixel People 1 Pixel People 2 Pixel People 4

Far from the difficulty that might appear, l way across to the different characters and get new is simply select an office on one side and a different one for the other, trying to find all possible combinations as we go: Mayors, Sheriffs, engineers, mechanics, policemen, artists, etc..

Pixel People 5 Pixel People 6

The game is based on the so fashionable "game time", in which we have to wait X minutes or hours while finishing genetic constructions or creations. Has over 150 different characters, not counting the 80 animals that we will unlock hidden we believe new combinations.

If you like these types of games I recommend it, because from what little I've played we are enjoying it very much, it is also completely free (with option to purchase from within the app) and is universal and compatible with iCloud, so you can continue the game on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Pixel People

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