Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Planetbeing: "The jailbreak has a great future"

jailbreak futuro Planetbeing: El jailbreak tiene un gran futuro

After the latest in which we learned that Planetbeing and found several exploits pod2g to jailbreak iOS 6 news keep coming to us, lately we hear every day, which means that the jailbreak of iOS 6 can be very close.

Planetbeing said on twitter that "the future is bright jailbreak", ie, it has a great future. Not as you will understand, but I get the impression that they have found several ways to jailbreak, and we may have multiple versions of jailbreaks for iOS in the future, not only for iOS 6.1 as we were assuming. The planetbeing tweet was followed by one of Pimskeks where he said they were doing a "good sauce" lately. So it seems pretty clear, will jailbreak iOS 6.1, will be untethered, will be for all devices and software will of course, so Apple will close with an update.

We've been in this situation before, waiting for the jailbreak with good news in between, we can only let the hackers do their magic, wait out iOS 6.1 (which should be very soon) and "enjoy" this little Calm before the tutorials, Cydia crashes and rapid developments in tweaks and modifications.

More information - and Planetbeing pod2g found two new vulnerabilities for Jailbreak iOS 6

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