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PassLocker, the economical alternative to 1Password

passlocker Passlocker, la alternativa económica a 1Password

As a user of 1Password have to say that is one of those apps without which I can not live, has given me great peace of mind by allowing me to keep all my passwords in a safe place and plus cloud-sync with the iPhone, but there are two things we can improve it and comes standard PassLocker: iCloud integration and price.

Apple's cloud

The first thing I would note is that this application is not recommended for people with Windows as the desktop app is Mac only Once you know this information we can begin to discuss the proper functioning of the application, which uses iCloud to synchronize that we saved passwords and therefore do not have to configure anything, nor will rely on external services such as Dropbox. While we can use independently iOS version and can serve to store passwords that we know for example when we travel, to get the most out of the app his is used with the Mac which is where most use we will give the logins that we keep.

The iOS app

First let's talk design. They have chosen to use a color palette that is almost completely reduced to black and various shades of purple, leaving a rather good although I personally would prefer to use another color as secondary, perhaps even a neutral gray or dull green but in any case is the best designed apps that are on my iPhone now. All icons and elements are taken care of, which I appreciate a lot.

passlocker1 Passlocker, la alternativa económica a 1Password

Add, edit and delete saved passwords is a task that can be performed virtually anyone, so we will not require much knowledge to use it. And if you're worried about security must be said that the AES-256 encryption does its job and it is practically impossible for them to break the security of the data we have within the application.

If you look for an app of this type at a low price, this is your app. You have to sacrifice many things about 1Password, but the reduction is very substantial and can justify the purchase of this app in many cases.

538815784es Passlocker, la alternativa económica a 1Password PassLocker - Simple & Safe Password Manager
Developer: Inbo Tasarim see Danışmanlık LTD
Rated: 4 + stars4.5 Passlocker, la alternativa económica a 1Password
Price: € 1.79 (Download application)

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