Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ozaki O passive speaker Review! Music Zoo +

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Now we have spoken several times of passive speakers in iPhone News, but do they really work? Then we will analyze one in the video have the best show, you can see the increase in volume, but in reality is perceived a greater difference in the video.

We received the passive speaker O! Music Zoo + Ozaki, a dock for the iPhone 5 is also capable of amplifying the sound of your iPhone in 15db, to give you an idea on actual usage is heard almost twice as high. It is the best way to listen to music in the bathroom for instance, without wires or plugs, cheap, is environmentally friendly and most importantly it works.

It is made of a kind of soft plastic / silicone, but it is hard (as it is solid), durable and stable. Going great for FaceTime conversations for example, you put it on the desk and heard great, you can not set the volume to maximum it will be too strong. Loads the iPhone as it has a hole in the bottom for the cable, so you can use it to dock. There is also a model for the iPhone 4 or 4S. You see s and can be used with the iPhone case, but this has to be finite as it enters fair enough.

It is available in a lot of models with animals: reindeer, elephant, rabbit, hippo, dog, and in a multitude of colors depending on the animal. It costs € 21.99 and you can buy it in the online store Redstring (click here) , in Fnac, the English Court and Apple resellers.

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