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Over 20% of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch have been updated to iOS 6.1 and

Lately reports and comments about the fall of Apple are stronger than ever. Every day there is any news or review talking about the fall of Apple and the end of the era in which he led the way to the consumer technology companies, especially those that manufacture mobile devices. Then we stopped to look at the reality, with official data and not hard to think that this may be so.

Right now, Apple has the strongest product portfolio that has never had. The latest economic report showed figures ever achieved by the company (or any other company in the world). Sales of most products are doing very well and also revenue through content. But even with all this, the company's shares are not doing more to lower and lower ...

ios 6 1 Más del 20% de iPad, iPhone y iPod touch se han Actualizado ya a iOS 6.1

20.90% of the active iPad are already running iOS 6.1

For all these reasons we should make you think things are going really well now Apple adds a new source of joy, at least for the company. The new version of iOS, version 6.1 seems to be very well accepted by users and in no time has been adopted by more than 20% of users of compatible devices.

Specifically the report issued on the basis of data from 13 million monitored devices, say 21.81% of iOS device users upgraded to the latest release before Wednesday January 30th at 15:00, when the update arrived Monday January 28.

Reeling a bit more these data, the report says that in the case of iPhone was detected the rapid adoption of the new version in 23.92% of cases, in the case of the iPad, the figure was 20.90%. Also taking into account the data of the iPod touch and doing half between them is obtained the above figure of 21.81%.

This report is published by Onswipe based on information gathered from visitors they receive on their websites, a fairly common method of obtaining such information. If this information is correct, iOS 6.1 could be being operating system faster adoption of history.

Even taking into account the bad publicity has had iOS 6, it seems that users are responding very well to the new version and you want to be always up to date and not to wait to see if the new versions have bugs that are likely to cause problems.

Is this the impression of a company in trouble to its users? Undoubtedly, this is another reason to doubt that Apple is really struggling as talking in recent months and begin to see that things are working beautifully Apple for now and possibly surprise us in a few months with a new product. A product that makes you recover hope for the Cupertino company.

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