Friday, January 4, 2013

On the failure of the "Do not disturb" sign on iOS

The option "Do Not Disturb" was presented as an option for iOS 6 so to consider. The idea was to ensure that no interrupt us when we were in a meeting, sleeping, or at other times where we did not want to bother anyone.

However, New Year's Day has suffered a severe setback when thousands of users have lost your calls, messages and notifications. The cause? It seems that the option "Do Not Disturb" is not automatically deactivated after the festive period, although users had configured.

Apparently, this is an internal fault related iOS calculation time and dates. The most ironic part is that coincided with the launch of an Apple ad on TV where you were proud of this function of "Do Not Disturb" with celebrities the likes of Serena and Venus Williams.

fracaso no molestar ios 232x350 Sobre el fracaso de la opciĆ³n No molestar en iOS

Despite these unfortunate events, Apple was quick to make a statement to say that the fault is fixed for January 7. But let's dig a little to find out why there was the annoying bug, and why are automatically fix next Monday.

It is all due to a misunderstanding between the ISO and Gregorian calendars. How to count the weeks of the year is different between these two systems, and that is why the choice of "Do Not Disturb" is believed to be deactivated automatically at the beginning of the second week of the year.

This inconsistency between the two calendars only occurs for a few days of the year, but has happened to skip a day that many users preferred that bother them.

Have either of you ever happened?

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