Saturday, January 12, 2013

NTT DoCoMo could start selling the iPhone in Japan

Perhaps the iPhone is not the world's best selling smartphone, but it's still a phone that people love and some people are able to change phone operator just to get one, even if they are very happy with the service .

iphone 5 blanco negro NTT DoCoMo Podría Empezar a Vender el iPhone en Japón

This is what has detected NTT DoCoMo, a major phone operators in Japan. The company does not sell the iPhone, and until recently his speech was completely contrary to this terminal to offer customers, now it seems that things have changed and it seems the reason is that they have detected that some of your customers are changing operator being able to be done with an iPhone, especially since the arrival of the iPhone 5 to market.

Now, it seems that the company is willing to sell the phone and its president Katoru Kato, said they want to offer their customers the iPhone, but Apple is demanding that guarantees certain terminal sales quotas for both sides can accept agreement. According to the president of the Japanese operator, Apple is asking them to ascend sales of 20 to 30% of total annual sales of NTT DoCoMo, a fairly large amount.

NTT DoCoMo may now be interested in selling the iPhone 5 in Japan

Currently the phone operator serves more than half of mobile phone customers in Japan. Since the arrival of the iPhone 5 to market, the operator has lost each month of five-digit numbers from customers, while Softbank and KDDI both (its main competitors) have seen their customer base has increased six figures every month .

iphone 5 blanco mano NTT DoCoMo Podría Empezar a Vender el iPhone en Japón

There is no doubt that the iPhone is a very attractive terminal, a terminal capable of attracting customers to any mobile operator and if you are one on top of the dominant operators in a country and offer a good enough service, the insurance market the device you can make money at year end.

We do not know if both sides get to agree, but considering the bleeding of customers are suffering NTT DoCoMo is expected to finally get reach an agreement with Apple to sell the device. For its part, Apple will get further boost sales of the iPhone 5 and future generations of the smartphone, as long as consumers we still look interesting.

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