Friday, January 4, 2013

NOM-184-SCFI-2012 or the like having unlock your phone factory in Mexico

There are few times when you can brag about Mexican law, because it is no secret that if something is suffering quite bad laws, and the authorities do not exercise. But today I came across a story that I drew a big smile, because believe it or not, in Mexico from October 2012 all cellular companies are required by law, the obligation to tell you how to unlock your cell be used by any telephone company, which in the iPhone means you have to free your doing IMEI unlock via iTunes.

As you know (or may not) the only way to get an unlocked iPhone in Mexico (unlock) for any cellular company was by buying the iPhone at Apple's online store. The rest of the iPhone are locked to only use it with the phone company where you purchased it, if you wanted to switch companies after phone and keep your team had to resort to many devices to do it.

Here is where he makes his grand entrance of the new law "business practices-regulatory elements for marketing and / or provision of telecommunications services when using a public telecommunications network NOM-184-SCFI-2012" as section 4.2. 2 says:

4.2.2 The supplier shall inform in writing if the terminal equipment to provide the consumer is blocked so that it can only be used on your network and how it can be unlocked at no additional cost to the consumer, for use on other networks one After acquiring ownership of telecommunications terminal equipment in any form, as it would be for completing the term forced or cover the cost of terminal equipment.

And as the only way to make this release an iPhone is by releasing the IMEI by cellular company where you purchased it, Telcel, Movistar, Iusacell and Unefon are required to unlock your computer, of course, once your plan or if you bought it in pre-paid immediately.

Felipe Leon Sanchez tells us in his blog his journey to secure the release of its iPhone by Telcel, than have to imagine it was not easy or simple yet succeeded.

So you know, if you own an iPhone, and have already paid their debt or bought on prepaid, and want to switch phone company and keep your computer does not hesitate to go to the customer service center to request free release. As vallan recommendation with a letter requesting such release citing the NOM-184-SCFI-2012 4.2.2 , IMEI number, serial number, model, and a copy of an official identification.

This rule applies to all phones, of all companies, and remember Unlock Jailbreak does not equal, and there are phones that run on GSM and CDMA others.

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