Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New tweak to bring shortcuts to the lock screen (soon in Cydia)

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After seeing how the best concept we've seen lately in Cydia becomes reality Auxo name, perfect multitasking for the iPhone 5 , a new concept of change that will be released soon in Cydia.

This is a modification to the slide button bar unlock the iPhone, which we use to activate the camera without unlocking or to control the call options when receiving a call, what in English is called Grabber. This change added new options to the grabber, we just have to let down to be maximized, showing options to make a phone call quickly, messaging options to have a shortcut to creating SMS and IMessages and music options to control what we listen without having to unlock the iPhone. In the video you can see it very clearly.

The lock screen has long since requested a redesign and the inclusion of new features, and even though we would like something like LockInfo, certainly a change as we have just seen is more suited to the way we do things Apple . Auxo designer is the same that brings this fantastic idea, but who would be ...

Hopefully further customization allows other applications to use the grabber. It is not known when it will be available, but do not worry it will keep you informed of everything.

More - Auxo is compatible with iOS 5 (Cydia)

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