Sunday, January 13, 2013

Needing? Apps? Here are a few

apps1 ¿Necesitado de apps? AquĆ­ van unas cuantas

You know that occasionally we bring various apps from our sister site Best of iOS , so if you have wanted to try new options for your iPhone here are a few that may be of interest to fill the pages of your iPhone Springboard .

  • Twitterrific : This unique twitter client for iPhone reaches version 5 with desire to make war on Tweetbot, absolute leader in the sector of Twitter apps payment.
  • Chrome: We looked at the best alternative there today in the App Store if you want to use Safari.
  • Runtastic Heart Rate Pro: They are catching the apps that measure your heart rate with the camera and this is possibly the most worked of all existing.
  • Road Bike Pro: If you love the road bike this application deserves your interest as it is one of the best of its kind.
  • Blink Hotels: With this app can book hotels at the last minute while maintaining attractive discounts.
  • 10000000: A game with a really peculiar name that certainly dazzles fans of RPGs.

This is what we leave for this week, hopefully suffice until next week we bring you a few more. Remember that all the above apps contain its own analysis, so you will have plenty of information before downloading or purchasing.

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