Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Find my iPhone' leads erroneously to anyone who loses an iPhone to this gentleman's house

A Wayne Dobson, a citizen of Las Vegas for 59 years, does not like technology and now less than ever. 'Find my iPhone' he is making the life of this poor man, because an error of GPS and U.S. phone company Sprint. Whenever someone is robbed of an iPhone and use 'Find my iPhone' to trace, obtained as a result of Wayne Dobson's house.

The victim of this error has recognized that even afraid to go to the door of his house every time she hears a car stopping by. The problem started two years ago, when a couple came to the door of his house asking him returned Dobson your iPhone. After this episode, many people visited a home for the same purpose and even the police had to visit on more than one occasion, after several people report the theft of their phones.

As explained by the telephone operator Sprint, this incident is actually caused by one of communication towers, located right next to the house of Wayne Dobson. When the iPhone's GPS can not track the device on a map, what it does is give the user a location-based communication tower nearest the operator.

Hopefully this man to receive compensation for all the patience you have had for the last couple of years.

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Source- The Verge

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