Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More rumors of a cheaper iPhone

Yesterday we told you about a rumor about launching a cheaper iPhone . Today rumors keep popping up that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone that could reach the market later this year. According to sources, it appears that Apple already had this idea in my head for some time, but production of the iPhone was not cheap enough yet.

iphone 5 4s perfil Más Rumores sobre un posible iPhone más Barato

According to a Wall Street Journal, the cheapest variant of the iPhone would have a polycarbonate body and recycled parts of previous iPhone, which would get down the cost of production and thus the final cost of the device.

"The cheaper iPhone may look like standard iPhone with a cheaper body. Apple might have considered lowering the cost of the device through the use of polycarbonate plastic, compared to the current aluminum housing iPhone. Other parts may be the same or even recycle some previous models of the iPhone. "

True, Apple has launched a cheaper version of iPad, the iPad Mini, but it's different. The entry cost is $ 500 iPad on the current iPad. The entry price of the iPad Mini is $ 329, which allowed Apple to gain more market share in the tablet market.

But in terms of the iPhone would not make much sense, mostly because there is already a cheaper iPhone model. Two actually. Are the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. These two devices are excellent alternatives to iPhone 5 for those not wanting to spend money.

While nothing is impossible, I will spare very surprised if Apple design or build quality to offer a cheaper iPhone, considering that iPhone already offers models in a lower price range.

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