Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Developers to Jailbreak iOS 6

It is likely that you know the names of David Wang and Cyril Cattiaux, also known as PlanetBeing and pod2g. And if you are reading this, ye certainly appears eager to Jailbreak iOS 6. The good news is that these two are not working alone.

The effort to get the Jailbreak the iPhone 5 has gained strength as soon as possible after seeing how other developers have started bringing all his experience to contribute.

jailbreak ios 6 Más Desarrolladores para el Jailbreak de iOS 6

First, Nikias Bassen, the developer known as Pimskeks, has returned to the research on Jailbreak after taking time off to be with his family. Along with Cattiaux and Wang, Bassen was part of those responsible for the "Dream Team" that made ​​Absinthe 2.0. Just yesterday the developer wrote the following message: "there is no time to rest, time to do something."

dream team Más Desarrolladores para el Jailbreak de iOS 6

Then there are others who are looking exploits experts from other angles. For example, Joshua Drake, security researcher and hacker contest winner DefCon 18, suggested looking for an exploit using the Safari rendering engine, and one of the developers asked if an exploit in Safari would be viable. Joshua Hill, another developer responsible Jailbreak iOS 5, was quick to respond:

And it was not long before another researcher more responsive:

So, to be part of pod2g and Planetbeing progressing as we saw a few days ago, it seems that other developers are moving forward. Here's the tweet that pod2g wrote on Monday:

While this may seem encouraging, keep in mind that none of this means we'll see a public Jailbreak immediate future. Even after the jailbreak itself is finished, developers tend to keep it hidden so as not to close in iOS 6.1. However, it is good to know that this is not something only two.

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