Friday, January 25, 2013

MiniPlayer concept Sentry iOS [Video]

Like both iTunes 11 MiniPlayer'd want take with you when you leave the house? If so, the latest concept of Sentry, which imagines a MiniPlayer iOS, will be your dream come true.

miniplayer Concepto de MiniPlayer para iOS de Sentry [VĂ­deo]

The concept of Sentry iOS MiniPlayer a bar shaped widget that displays the name of the song that is playing, along with the album cover and the album name and artist. If you click on the title of the song, there are the basic playback controls to pause, fast forward and rewind. Even there are bars on the sides of MiniPlayer you can drag to hide or reposition the widget.

The iOS MiniPlayer concept could be taken to a tweak

If you like the concept of MiniPlayer for iOS, you'll be happy to know that not only is an idea that is playing with the Sentry. According to its description in the video you have just seen, Sentry is working with @ @ SmartviperE75 Sirifl0w and tweak in a future iPad and iPhone based on this concept.

Functionally is not too different from having music widget Dashboard X. These controls implement more music similar to what Apple has by default, but with bells and whistles. That said, if you are trying to replicate the desktop version MiniPlayer the iPad will have to see if the Sentry MiniPlayer cooperates well with the window manager Quasar.

It is worth mentioning that Auxo, another concept that became Sentry tweak, contains an integrated music player with many of the features this MiniPlayer. Auxo is available in Cydia for $ 1.99.

Flash: Sentry has clarified the concept of work is MiniPlayer Smartviper Siriflow and was working on these two developers tweak and contacted him to help with the design UI / UX.

What do you think? Do you need another interface for the music player of your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Or do you prefer that comes standard?

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