Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mini iPhone: Apple's next step?

One of the rumors as old as the iPhone itself was a version of the much cheaper of it, either through a mini version of the same, much smaller equals cheaper, or at most speculate today a version with materials lower cost but with the same design.

Personally this idea is so preposterous as me at the time was the iPad mini, because I do not see Apple releasing a cheaper product to enter a new market niche hegemony taking profits in the wireless sector.

Also the same Apple VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, said in an interview published in The Nex Web site that rumors are lies, and speculated on the possible birth of this rumor for Apple's foray into the Chinese market:

"At first they were not smartphones phones were popular in the Chinese market, now the most popular smartphones are cheap and non-smartphones are out. Despite the popularity of cheap smartphones, this will never be the future of Apple products. In fact, although the Apple market share is only 20%, we have 75% of the profits. "

Added to this we must understand that the company founded by his uncle Jobs has never been known for selling products "cheap" lower quality, in fact if anything Apple has done quite the opposite, selling products at a relatively high price, but with enough extra points that make the consumer pay that price, because the products are worth; these extras ranging from manufacturing to software exceptional fully integrated with native applications pretty good not mention the maps . Never seen the company get out of this formula that has earned enough money. Even the price of iPad mini is greater than the other tablet 7 "and do not think anyone is saying it will launch an iPad mini, mini, for emerging markets.

And my last point to refute this rumor that occurs every year, is that the low-cost iPhone already exists, and is renewed every year, for the previous models always fall in price, and it seems this trend will not change, so because the iPhone 4 is now the cheapest model that still supports iOS iOS 6 and probably 7 when it comes out this year and the next model of iPhone 4S model will be cheaper and so on.

Now add the change to the design screen and Apple currently offers: a display model 4 "(iPhone 5), two display models 3.5 (iPhone 4/4S) and model 3.5 without retina display (iPhone 3GS ), all at different prices, and all running iOS 6 and with most of the available app.

Do you think that Apple will launch a mini iPhone for an entrance into a new market?

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