Friday, January 11, 2013

Mini 5 and iPad iPad 2 could arrive in the Month of March

One thing must be clear is that Apple will launch new versions of the iPad and iPhone from time to time. Currently these products are those that generate most of the benefits for the company, so they have to exploit the situation and make the most to generate the highest possible profit.

Recently that the iPad 4 and the iPad mini are on the market, but the rumor mill has already been put to work and the analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets aims to March this year as the month when Apple launch to market the next generation iPad, both full-size model, and the mini.

ipad ipad mini iphone iPad 5 y iPad Mini 2 PodrĂ­an llegar en el Mes de Marzo

The New iPad mini 5 and iPad 2 in March?

For the full-size model, the latest update just brought the iPad with Retina display, the new processor and connector A6X Lightning. Rumors say the iPad 5 will be lighter and thinner, and possibly (add us), it will also bring some internal change as more power.

On the iPad mini, is expected to have the same form factor as the current model and the upgrade is internally. That is, it is expected that the iPad 2 has a mini internal components that give greater power than the current model, such as a better processor or more RAM memory.

It is noteworthy that in this leak is not spoken about the possibility that the iPad mini 2 count with a Retina display. It seems to be one of the most logical steps that could give Apple, but we ignore this rumor will not come in the next generation, if we ignore this rumor seems clear that Apple is not yet ready to offer this feature in a product like the iPad mini.

In addition, White also commented that the next generation iPhone could arrive between May and June and expects the iPhone 5S (or whatever Apple call it) come in various screen sizes and is also available in different colors, similar to what happens now with the iPod touch.

White apparently did not want to reveal their sources who have been to these rumors. Yet we must give some value to his words, it is not the first time the full analyst succeeds in his predictions, so we'll have to wait a few months to see what happens with Apple. It seems that 2013 will be a year quite bumpy.

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