Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Microsoft acknowledges the Windows jailbreak RT

Surface table left angled red cover Microsoft agradece el jailbreak de Windows RT

Lately we discussed news on iPhone hackers calling Apple a little open-mindedness and iOS , its mobile operating system that can be customized a bit more, that lets you install third-party applications, etc. The same applies to one of the newer versions of Windows. Microsoft recently released Windows 8 and Windows RT, the latter only allows you to run applications that have left the Windows app store, the same thing happens on the iPhone and iPad.

This week has achieved the Windows RT jailbreak, you can now install unsigned applications, provided they are based on ARM. The system has been hacked through an exploit in memory. The news is not this, after all the matters little to us that we are not the users of Windows RT, the news is that Microsoft is grateful for that. Microsoft welcomes developers that have earned the Windows jailbreak RT, their effort, their involvement and all the work they have put into it. Appreciates that some hackers have managed local access to the system and administrator rights to access the memory. Still have recognized that it is likely that the vulnerability is not present in future versions of the system.

Meanwhile here we iOS users 6 without a jailbreak untethered for our Apple devices and putting more and more difficult, hiring hackers as security analysts and strengthen its system to combat the jailbreak. And watch out, I feel good that a company close security holes in their software, it is your job and it is his duty. Apple has also shown value by hiring hackers several times and quoting them in software updates as discoverers of the exploit.

Meanwhile we know that the jailbreak of the iPhone 5 is ready and awaiting the release of iOS 6.1, since queiren not burn an exploit in iOS 6.0.1 and lose it in a few days with the upgraded system.

More - PlanetBeing has the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.2, but will soon launch

Source - IDB

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