Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Logs appear a new iPhone with iOS 7

 Aparecen registros de un nuevo iPhone con iOS 7

Logs appear a new iPhone with iOS 7 with the arrival of the new year will not stop the leaks that come from Apple and this time it was thanks to information that comes to us from The Next Web , in which a developer has realized some records that refer to iOS 7, and a new model of iPhone with iPhone 6.1 identifier.

The really important news is that, as any developer could alter this data manually, but what is clear is that the record came from Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, so that Apple's credibility and experience with a new iOS device and 7 can be very real so we have to return to be careful because the new year will bring us safe iOS 7 with a new iPhone, which is missing whether 5S as analysts predict mid-year or directly present the iPhone 6 as many argue.

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Source - The Next Web

Article logs appear a new iPhone with iOS July was originally published in News iPhone .

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