Monday, January 14, 2013

LockMemos: reminders on the lock screen (Cydia)

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Yesterday we teach you to change the position and size of the badges , those red circles in the corner of the icons that indicate the number of notices that we have in this application, many are not sure you saw because it was Sunday, today We continue with our look at Cydia changes that appear with a very useful modification, unless you already have one that does the same function as LockInfo.

With LockMemos can create notes or reminders that appear on the lock screen of our iPhones, not to do anything, just when we go there we unlock the notice that we've set, we can discard it or leave it for later viewing. The modification allows reminders set up to four at a time, in different lines of text. If we believe that the solution to see the notice on the lock screen can make you forget we also have the option to display once unlocked, as do the battery warnings (or the message "No SIM"), that appear to unlock, then instead see your reminders.

If you really like what this amendment offers highly recommend you try LockInfo, one of the best Cydia that changes as the name suggests shows information on the lock screen, upcoming calendar appointments, emails to read, even Some widgets you can configure. Is payment but you will not regret.

You can download for free from Cydia, you'll find it in the BigBoss repo. You need to have done the jailbreak on your device.

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