Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Liquidpel 2.0 makes the iPhone 5 becomes impervious

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The CES 2013 has reunited Liquidpel team , a transparent film that we saw last year and thanks to its properties, it gets converted to any electronic device in waterproof. Although it may seem impossible that the liquid does not enter ports, buttons and other hollow Liquidpel delivers what it promises and perfectly holds the gadget after being submerged.

New this year is the introduction of version 2.0 of Liquidpel. Among its improvements, its creators include a significant increase in durability, corrosion resistance and impermeability mission. In fact, the company says Liquidpel 2.0 is 100 times more efficient than the version introduced last year.

Using Liquidpel 2.0 is invaluable to the sight and touch as it is a film much thinner than the thickness of a hair. Although it may seem weak, has certified IPX7, which means that the covered electronic device with Liquidpel 2.0 is capable of supporting a dive of 30 minutes in one meter deep.

For now Liquidpel 2.0 is only available in the United States but in Europe will come soon. This is a very interesting but some brands like Sony, and offer some of their Smartphone adapted to withstand contact with liquids without spoiling.

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