Sunday, January 20, 2013

Line celebrated its 100 million users

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When instant messaging application 'Line' was released in the App Store, many believed would not get far. The normal thing is to think: "bah, another application like Whatsapp". And indeed Whatsapp now dominates the landscape of instant messaging on smartphones and is hard to miss in the Top 10 of the most downloaded paid applications each week. However, it is time for the reign of Whatsapp starts to shake, because Line has grown more than you might expect at first.

Japanese Application Line spread rapidly by offering differentiating features of Whatsapp, like your funny emoticons or the fact that is also available for tablets and PC. In addition, Line also offers free calls, photo retouching and generally provides more interactivity with users. Applying daily sum of three million new users and now celebrating and have accumulated 100 million users.

The company responsible for the implementation took place this figure releasing a video in which people around the world express Line is for them and how they use in their daily lives.

Line can be found, for free, on the App Store.

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443904275es Line celebra sus 100 millones de usuarios LINE
Developer: NAVER JAPAN

Rated: 4 + stars4 Line celebra sus 100 millones de usuarios

Price: Free (Download application)

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