Saturday, January 12, 2013

Launch the jailbreak for Windows tablets with RT

 Lanzan el jailbreak para las tabletas con Windows RT

The other day we told you that Microsoft was very grateful for the work of the developers found a jailbreak for Windows RT, you know, that version of Windows for tablets that only allows you to install applications that have passed through the Microsoft Store, just Apple does with iOS and the App Store. This jailbreak allow installing unsigned code as we do with the jailbreak of the iPhone.

Netham45 has already released the tool that allows any user to jailbreak their tablet Windows and install unsigned code. It's funny because the jailbreak is lost every time you restart, but not as a tethered jailbreak, which can not reboot directly without a computer to be connected, you can restart Windows RT and jailbreak your tablet will not have to do it again with a file and you will be like the last time.

The main use will be made ​​of this jailbreak is to install programs Windows 8 on tablets, any program, as discussed although these are very uncomfortable to use on touch screens.

Meanwhile iPhone users iOS 5 or 6 are awaiting the jailbreak, we know that there is an exploit, but we also know they do not want to spend it, they prefer to use to schedule and tweaks to help you find other exploits. We will find another exploit jailbreak when iOS, and based on that will keep that suits them and throw the other publicly.

We will keep you informed, if anyone wants to move to Windows RT you know that the "jailbreak" for these devices is available. Personally I will continue waiting for the jailbreak of iOS.

Source - XDA Forum

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