Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It is said, is discussed: map of Apple product launches for 2013

We fucking clips the recent wave of rumors about the launch of a new line of products from Cupertino. This time, it is the approximate date on which Apple could file a renewal of some of their products and even introduce new ones for this year 2013.

Timeline 213 Apple según Kuo

Perhaps the latest data on the reduction of 30% of the stock of the company, and its limitations when applying components from its suppliers , can not be more than a strategic move to prepare this 2013, regarding the introduction of new in its catalog.

Based on analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is highly regarded in terms of the predictions of the movements and plans that are born from Cupertino, has developed a "timeline" in his recent article, where plasma both their beliefs about the types product to be launched in 2013, and in the approximate dates on which these presentations will take place.

In the picture we can see that Kuo not only exposes the approximate date of introduction to the familiar buzz about the iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2nd Generation or always suspected of launching an iPhone cheaper, but also gives prominence to a washing face of Apple TV, iPod Touch, iPod nano, iMac or MacBook Pro redesign Retina.

Certainly, for some of these products is difficult to see some changes in so little time, but still curious what ever happened with technology: we fail to get used to a product when no other queued for release.

Some of the new features on iPhone and iPad on which Kuo focuses are:

  • iPhone: about our favorite smartphone, Kuo set to be released in June and July both 5S version of it, which will be accompanied by various improvements at camera, fingerprint sensor with a new processor and A7, as a iPhone 5 cheaper, with a slimmer design and available in various colors. The fellow AppleInsider show the following timeline of iPhone for 2012-2013:

iPhone 2013

  • iPad: two novelties are in the tablet market leader. On the same date of filing what would be the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 budget would be presented both acclaimed i Pad Mini 2nd Generation that would have the screen Retina Display and, in turn, a new design of iPad in its original screen size, which saw each of its reduced dimensions and weight.

As we said at the beginning of the entry, this information is not confirmed by Apple, so it is nothing more than rumors and opinions of people who are dedicated to discussing future plans of the company and, though sources are sometimes very reliable, nothing is official, but given the wide range of options shows, sure with some acertará ...


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