Friday, January 4, 2013

It is said, is discussed: Apple could change its display technology behind touch panel problems "In-Cell"

The arrival of the iPhone 5 brought a brand new terminal. While at first, it looked like an "iPhone 4 elongated" were needed only a few minutes to realize that it was a completely refurbished phone. His new dimensions, a much thinner phone, smart, new features at the hardware level, its powerful processor, its front and rear camera and above all, quality Retina Display, which was even more impressive than the last.

Paneles In-Cell

Such quality viewing and brightness was achieved by its panels "In-Cell", which have not finished answering all the good that was expected, originating several rumors that Apple may be determined to implement an alternative to this technology.

For those not familiar with the composition of the iPhone screen, touch technology "In-Cell" involves removing a layer by building the capacitors inside the LCD assembly. Such removal, involves reducing the visible distance between the user's finger and the display content, which results in a more direct interaction, generating thinner panels. This made ​​possible, in large part, the terminal thickness reduction of more than 1 mm over its predecessor.

Tecnología In-Cell iPhone 5

In turn, the technology "In-Cell" not only gave the terminal thinner, but also increased the clarity of the image (starting with a layer less), which was reduced remarkably light refraction. After all these advantages, it is also considered a better response and performance of touch screens. However, they soon began to appear several complaints about the performance of the touch panel, in terms of speed of response.

As reported by our colleagues at iDownloadBlog , this problem of speed of response was particularly evident when moving the fingers across the screen on at high speed. So much so, that the accumulation of negative reviews and feedbacks have made ​​from Cupertino intend to adopt a new technology called "Touch-On-Display", which would come to take over the partner company of Foxconn, called Chimeu Innolux.

In this sense, we find a story in the newspaper The China Times , which reports that are already working for this company in panels "Touch-On", which could be used in the next generation of our favorite smartphone.

And you, have you experienced performance problems on your iPhone 5? You notice? Lack of speed that many users have reported? Cheer up and make us your experiences as users arrive!


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