Monday, January 21, 2013

It is rumored that Apple could launch three iPhone Different This Year

The iPhone 5 has been released a few months ago, but almost from the day after its official release, and began to see the first rumors about the next generation of the device. This is something quite common in the Apple world, so it really does not surprise us too.

The latest rumor comes directly from China Times claims that Apple is working on three mobile phones, according to rumor, will be released this year. According to the publication, the two first hit the market in June, while the third will not arrive until close to Christmas.

iphone 5 negro1 Se Rumorea que Apple Podría Lanzar 3 iPhone Diferentes esta Año

New rumors say that this year we could see three different iPhone models

China Times claims that Apple is working on an iPhone 5S with a 4-inch screen like the current and another with a 4.8 inch screen. These are the models that supposedly hit the market in June and both would benefit from mpegaíxeles 8 cameras. On the other hand, the third terminal that would speak before Christmas and would have a 12 megapixel camera.

In recent weeks there has heard countless times that the next generation iPhone could be available with different screen sizes, so this rumor gives a little more life to the previous ones, but of course until Apple decides to unveil developments can not be sure.

It really would be no surprise that Apple has prepared several prototypes and is being tested with them, but it would be quite unusual for the company to market lanzase several different models of iPhone and especially that we saw a 4.8-inch model.

There is always the possibility that Apple's policy in the mobile phone market has changed, but it seems really unlikely considering that things are working quite well with the policy of launching a terminal year.

Perhaps what Apple should do is to market much more attractive terminals to please people, especially now that many people are asking loudly developments, especially in the software section.

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