Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IPhone Video concept with 4.8 inch screen

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We have received the iPhone concept video with 4.8 inch screen. Because the big rumors that have arisen after the published news Apple will be working on creating an iPhone with this screen size for this summer, the supposed iPhone 'Math' or better translated as 'iPhone +', a Russian web has created this prototype of what it sees from the details in the latest rumor, the device has a 4.8 inch screen and 12MP camera.

Unlike other iPhone concepts, which usually include little things possible, he chooses to stay within the lines of the current plans of Apple design. It looks like the iPhone 5, but their presence has been lengthened and widened slightly to contain the larger screen.

The video of this potential iPhone concept comes from Russian site , posted on YouTube, with its large screen, higher resolution camera and multiple color options, which actually coincides quite well with recent rumors of the next iPhone generation announced by analysts.

Many analysts and market observers believe that Apple is planning to enter the tablet market large pocket, currently dominated by Samsung. And some even think that the company is poised to do so and in the second half of this year. Particularly I do not see Apple choosing this model and less this year because you just jump into the 4-inch screen with the iPhone 5, would give many headaches for developers.

Does it seem nice if it were real? But you would see practical having a 4-inch iPhone?

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