Saturday, January 12, 2013

IPhone GPS Team developers looking to continue with the project

GPS iPhone Team GPS iPhone Team busca desarrolladores para poder continuar con el proyecto

The iPhone GPS Team is a team of developers who have a repository in Cydia from which you can install (and update) radars TomTom in an easy, fast and convenient; radars update from Cydia to be constantly updated, this mode radars have all Spanish roads of the TomTom iPhone, with icons, warning sounds and fully integrated.

Now the team for lack of iPhone GPS Team is about to disappear after two years of hard work and contributions; unless developers appear willing to collaborate with the project, to continue with modifications Cydia or even transform idea into an app for Cydia or the App Store, everything is possible, but right now with one person on the team is almost impossible to move on.

Whether you like the program and want to collaborate as if you just like the idea and did not know of the existence of these changes for the iPhone we recommend that you link to download their radars and prove it works, do not do anything else, just to install and appear on your official TomTom application for the iPhone. You can also choose the model you want icons from several available.

If you dare you can contact them from their website and from twitter, you can program them, create apps, Cydia develop, learn and collaborate with the community.

The repo to install radar is the following:


More - PlanetBeing has the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.2, but will soon launch

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