Sunday, January 6, 2013

IPhone 6 concept based on the design of the new iPod nano

Although Apple has sold a whopping 50 million iPhones during the last four months, and has become an impressive terminal hardware at its most elongated, as usual, began emerging new concepts of what, according to its designers, could be the new terminal to be created from Cupertino.

iPhone6 004

Today we bring you a new concept which based the idea of the future iPhone 6 in the current design of the iPod nano (7th Generation).

Our fellow iDownloadBlog we do come across a video, a new concept for iPhone created by the well-known designer of several alternatives of Apple products, Federico Ciccarese ( cicaressedesign ). This concept is based on terminal design iPod nano 7th generation, and gives a solid feel and outstanding ergonomics issues such as interaction with the screen and portability (was it good attachment with round edges?)

The concept of iPhone lacks designed by Ciccarese Home button has obviously with the connector hardly has lightning and edges between the screen and the overall dimensions of the terminal. The video shows that the operating system is running a combination of iOS and OSX, which has been called "iOSX".

Here's the video showing the concept from various angles. What do you think? Do you like it better than the current model?

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