Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IPhone 5S concept based on the design of iPad Mini

 Concepto de iPhone 5S basado en el diseño del iPad Mini

The concepts of the designers could say that is a new source of rumors about upcoming Apple products. Visually show us the predictions of analysts and other professionals but at least entertain us with images.

This information is not mere entertainment designer (also) but sometimes are a very reliable source as happened with the concept of the iPhone 5 which came three months before filing official. It is true that left another dozen concepts but that nailed him 100%.

Meanwhile, far not stop talking about the iPhone 5S. We should not expect many changes by Apple because there has never been a similar movement in the iPhone, so if this year continues the trend of ever see a phone with the same appearance but with a new hardware and new version iOS.

 Concepto de iPhone 5S basado en el diseño del iPad Mini

Some analysts are again pledge that we will have several models of iPhone, some with huge screens and other functionalities stranger as a fingerprint detector. Well, all this helps designers to create new works that show the world and add to your professional portfolio.

The concept that we bring you today is an inspired iPhone 5S iPad Mini design and by the transitive property, with the fifth-generation iPod Touch, especially if we add colors to its anodized aluminum.

I still find it strange to see an iPhone 5S very different from the current iPhone 5 but hope I'm wrong. Hopefully Apple is too busy doing redesigns, but applied to iOS. While waiting for the actual phone, enjoy these renders.

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Source - iClarified

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