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iPhone 5 is the most amount Device Mobile Data Consume

In recent years smartphones have improved by leaps and bounds, and with them the networks of mobile operators. These networks provide support for increasingly fewer calls and are being used more than ever to the data transfer.

iphone 5 apple iPhone 5 es el Dispositivo que más Cantidad de Datos Móviles Consume

The faster the networks and smartphones content consumption (or uploading content to the network) is higher, so hopefully in the coming years the numbers continue to grow dramatically.

Arieso, a data analysis firm phones, has been studying data from more than a million smartphone users in Europe and concluded that the iPhone 5 is the mobile device from which consume the most data. According to the firm, the main reason for this is that the device offers a great user experience and improved network and high-speed connectivity of this device helps to highlight further the user's eyes.

The iPhone 5 is the device that consume more mobile data according to a recent study

The benchmark used by the firm was the iPhone 3G and its study has found that the iPhone 5 demand four times the amount of data compared to the iPhone 3S and up to 50% compared to the previous generation phone , ie the iPhone 4S. Also striking are only 1% of users who consume up to 40% of all data transmitted, which is high but lower than in the previous year it was 50%.

The following table can be seen the comparative results according to the user's device. The highest score in each category is shown in red (the results are normalized so that the iPhone 3G is representing 100%).

consumo datos smartphones iPhone 5 es el Dispositivo que más Cantidad de Datos Móviles Consume

The iPhone 5 is the device that consumes more downlink data, but as to rise now find its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S III, which surpasses the iPhone 5 in this regard.

It also draws attention to the users of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 have consumed up to 20% more data than users of the iPad via 3G connections.

The mobile data consumption continues to rise and more and more people are joining the trend of staying connected from their mobile phones or smartphones. Moreover, according to improve the phones and network users are more willing to stay connected and the better the user experience gained, the greater the consumption of mobile data users do. After voice, mobile data business is being a salvation for telephone operators, there's no doubt.

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