Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IPad Mini 11 Million in First Quarter of 2013

The supply chain for the manufacture of the most demanded products from Apple seems to have returned to normal. In fact, since China is reported that the production of the iPad Mini is booming, and new models of iMac.

IPad Mini 12 million in the first quarter of 2013

According CCIDNet having insider from factories, it seems that have left more than 11 million units of iPad Mini to stores worldwide. Thanks to improvements in production technology, it is expected that this number will increase over the coming months, offering spectacular numbers certainly throughout the remainder of 2013.

12 millones ipad mini 11 Millones de iPad Mini en el Primer Trimestre de 2013

A Everybody knows by now that the iPad Mini has been a great success, and that Steve Jobs who for years refused to release a tablet with these dimensions. However, these amounts are estimates and official data will not see until you take a few months.

Last week, the waiting time to get an iPad Mini dropped to about 3 or 5 working days, indicating that the availability of 7.9-inch tablet and was catching up to demand. This is good news for everyone, but especially for users because nobody likes having to wait weeks for something you already paid.

Do any of you asked your iPad Mini and still has not arrived? Those who already have it, are you happy with the purchase? Do you think we'll see a second generation iPad Mini before summer? Personally, I find it unlikely, but is expected to begin the first rumors to leak soon.

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