Wednesday, January 2, 2013

iOS, the operating system begins to 'Disturb'

molestar iOS, el sistema operativo que comienza a Molestar

iOS has done it again: global failed to trouble of millions of users. On January 1 there were many owners of an iPhone who complained that the 'Do Not Disturb' had stopped working for no reason.

A few hours later, Apple launched an official statement recognizing the new 'bug' of iOS and basically told us that we had to live with the decision until January 7. Until then, the only solution is to activate and deactivate this mode manually. And for more embarrassment, the company launched the same day an advertising campaign in the U.S. to promote the virtues as "Do Not Disturb" on the iPhone 5.

Well, again, iOS makers screw up again 'Teasing' to its users. In the past we have had to deal with the problems of alarms stopped working directly with changes from winter and summer. An almost unforgivable mistake happened on more than one occasion. Surely more than one you remember that day for being late to work or class.

These have been the little mistakes that have accumulated over the last couple of years and have not helped at all so far to iOS VP Scott Forstall, who will have to leave the company. A Tim Cook and the rest of them and vice plenty of reasons to get rid of Forstall: alarm failures, failure of Maps in iOS 6, who would not sign the letter of apology from Apple and now this.

mapas iOS, el sistema operativo que comienza a Molestar

Indeed, iOS needs a facelift and this will be the year that Apple may surprise us pleasantly. With the departure of Forstall could find a really enter iOS 7 news. We need other ways more comfortable to lock and unlock our devices safely, you can create shortcuts to features and maps that truly take us to places we want.

We'll know probably in June.

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