Saturday, January 12, 2013

IOS Concept 7 with new Dashboard [Video]

The German web Apfellike has created a number of interesting concepts that would like to see in iOS 7 . Include some features like the redesign of the iOS lock screen, a new dashboard widgets similar to OS X, a redesign of the center of claims that include banners, icons resizable applications and, finally, a new application dictionary along with the revision of the Notes application.

ios 7 concept notification banner2 Concepto de iOS 7 con nuevo Dashboard [Vídeo]

New concept for iOS 7 with new dashboard, banners in the center of notifications and more

ios 7 concept dashboard Concepto de iOS 7 con nuevo Dashboard [Vídeo]

ios 7 concept notificaciones Concepto de iOS 7 con nuevo Dashboard [Vídeo]

Here's a video showing the resizable icons:

And here a video where they explain the other items:

I think the idea of ​​the new dashboard is interesting, there must be a faster way to enable and disable WiFi or Bluetooth in iOS. Of these five new concepts introduced Apfellike guys, what are your favorites? What characteristics do you think I should include iOS 7?

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