Monday, January 28, 2013

iOS 6.1 Now Available, Jailbreak Just Around the Corner

We expected it to be so soon, but after a couple of days after the release of the fifth beta of iOS 6.1, Apple has officially released the final version of iOS 6.1. The update is available for all compatible devices through the usual means.

actualizacion ios 6 1 iOS 6.1 ya está Disponible, Jailbreak a la Vuelta de la Esquina

The new operating system version of our iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is available and you can update through Software Update option on the device itself while connected to a WiFi network (Settings - General - Update software) or by connecting with a computer and doing the update through iTunes.

According to the company, the iOS version 6.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • LTE Support of more operators.
  • Ability to download individual songs from iCloud iTunes Match subscribers.
  • New button to reset the identifier advertising.

Also in the case of the U.S., the new version of the operating system offers the ability to purchase movie tickets through Siri, something we knew that Apple was working on it but we did not think it would come so soon.

The arrival of iOS 6.1 Jailbreak opens the doors to the latest devices

This is one of the most anticipated iOS updates of recent times, as hackers Jailbreak the scene have reported that after the arrival of iOS 6.1 Apple's latest iOS devices will be able to apply Jailbreak . Hopefully this week we have important news about the Jailbreak for iPhone 5 , iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPad 3 or iPad 4 as discussed this afternoon it take long to be released? Absolutely not and in no time as we guide to jailbreak iOS 6 on all supported devices.

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