Monday, January 28, 2013

iOS 6.1 is now available and could untethered Jailbreak on Sunday

Apple has today released the final version of iOS 6.1, available worldwide from iTunes or via OTA from the device itself.

iOS 61 2 iOS 61 1

This new version brings only notable changes, so it could have been called 6.0.3 ... Being the Next news:

  • Support for new LTE networks.
  • Ability to download individual songs from iTunes Match.
  • New button to reset the identifier advertising.

So what we really care about this version 6.1, which will bring untethered jailbreak to all devices disponibes, or at least they have announced several new components hacker group called Evad3rs ( @ pimskeks, @ planetbeing , @ pod2g and @ MuscleNerd ), confirming that the exploit is compatible with the new Apple firmware. Also, @ MuscleNerd has hinted that might be available on Sunday and @ pimskeks has warned that to work we must not update to 6.1 via OTA, but to restore directly from iTunes.

pimskeks ios61

Musclenerd 61

This makes us very active as wait a week, so waiting for the untethered jailbreak as rain in May, stay tuned to the blog because we will inform you of any developments.

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