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InstaWeather Pro and InstaPlace, two applications to add information to your photos Instagram

If you are addicted to social networking photo sharing as one who is writing this post, most likely you have a profile on Instagram . The content of this archiconocida sharing social network, with its millions of fans and filters to give it a great look and unique nuances and certain fixed catches that pass daily before our eyes, has become a true lifestyle many people.

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The operation is very simple: shoot, apply filter and geotag decision, not having to be obligatory these last two steps. But what if you want to add anything else? What if we want to add to the image as meteorological aspects of the time of capture or geolocation captured in the photo itself more attractive to a message? To answer these questions we bring two applications: Pro and InstaPlace Instaweather.

Surely ever happened to you that you have just photographed scenery without feeling the fingers by local or low temperatures, however, it was so hot and good time in the city where you were that you took a snapshot to send or share on the social network. Well now, with Instaweather Pro, you have the possibility to translate weather information in the photo itself, the latter perfectly cropped grid format with Instagram.

However, the application has several types of "layers", which show the information in one form or another, with either format and, in more or less detail (forecast day before and after, weekly forecast, etc.. ) Once the decision and selected the desired layer of information, we send it directly to Instagram (including social networks) where we will select the filters own social network, to give that touch so characteristic that offers Instagram.

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On the other hand, there are times that instead of wanting to capture as a "layer" the climate of the catchment area, give the image not only the location of the city, but the property, monument or area itself. Depending on taste, current needs, or simply to give a lot of envy to a friend or family member about your current location, InstaPlace is an application that adds a layer to the information of the site concerned, and not just the city.

So, as we see in the pictures, our photos of the Eiffel Tower or beverage that can be taken in a bar, have a special touch with the possibilities offered by this application.

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InstaPlace InstaWeather Pro and are in their paid version at a price of € 0.89 in the App Store, compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and adapted to the screen of the iPhone 5. These paid versions also include exclusive editing layers.

Both applications we can find also free. The downside of acquiring no cost is the inclusion of many advertising and logo reflected the application (however small) in question in one corner of the picture when we process a capture and apply a layer to the snapshot. Here you have all the links:

InstaWeather Pro | Free InstaWeather

InstaPlace | Free InstaPlace

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