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Images appear possible components of 5S iPhone and iPhone 6

In recent weeks there has been much talk about the possibility that Apple released to the market during 2013 different versions of iPhone. Rumors say that the Cupertino company will release three different models throughout the year to keep fighting and win market share against other manufacturers.

posibles componentes iphone 5s iphone 6 Aparecen Imágenes de Posibles Componentes del iPhone 5S y iPhone 6

Now, the French blog put some more wood on the fire to show some pictures of some components, according to them, belong to the future iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, two of the terminals that supposedly Apple is preparing to launch during this year.

First images of alleged iPhone 5S components and iPhone 6

According to the site, the iPhone 5S is the logical evolution of the iPhone 5 now, ie in this model that Apple will continue its trend to leverage design and improve the internal components of the device. In the case of the device iPhone 6 would have a major design change, but has not revealed what changes might bring.

The third model instead would have even bigger changes. Rumors speak of a model with 4.8-inch screen, something that would make Apple metiese squarely in the market for "phablet" straddling smartphones and mobile tablet for its large screen size.

Not the first time that seep possible components of the devices before its official release, but this time the questions are bigger than in the past due to the poor quality of the photos.

piezas iphone 5s iphone 6 Aparecen Imágenes de Posibles Componentes del iPhone 5S y iPhone 6

Components that supposedly appear in the photos that accompany these lines are some modules which would put the speakers on the device. As you can see in the last picture, the pieces are similar to those used by the iPhone 5, but we insist that the quality of the photos makes us a bit skeptical about this possible leak.

Will Apple really planning to diversify its mobile phone business? Do they want to have different devices in the catalog? Currently there are no guarantees, but if these rumors are actually right along this year will leave doubts.

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