Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Use Your External Monitor iPad to your computer

Today we bring you a tutorial that will teach you to use your iPad as an auxiliary monitor for PC or Mac. As you can imagine, everything will always be easier if all devices use the Apple ecosystem. However, there are also great solutions that work perfectly compatible.

Using your iPad external monitor for your computer

We are going to propose two applications that work best for your money, if our goal is to use the Apple tablet as an additional monitor to extend your desktop.

monitor externo ipad 650x329 Cómo Usar tu iPad de Monitor Externo para tu Ordenador

Air Display is a bit expensive, but it is the best application available on the App Store to connect your iPad to OSX and use it as an external monitor. It is ideal for those that you use your computer to write, design, draw or edit video.

To get it working, you must first download the appropriate application on our iPad and your computer. After that, connect both to the same WiFi network (although we can create an ad-hoc network have a router if available). In the toolbar of the computer, we'll automatically detect the iPad. If not, you can always enter your IP address to help in the search.

iDisplay allows almost the same as above, but only supports Windows and OSX. It supports iPad resolution Retina of third and fourth generation. There is also a Lite version for us to try to see if we convince.

What application you use you? At work or at home? Do you find the process complicated setup? If any of you the you test, can you tell us how you found these apps.

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