Monday, January 28, 2013

How to take a picture while recording a video with an iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 that came late last year with a number of new features that make it more interesting than its predecessors. Besides a really beautiful design, a larger screen and lighter weight, the iPhone 5 is also much faster and more powerful than previous generations.

foto video iphone 5 Cómo hacer una foto mientras grabamos un vídeo con un iPhone 5

Besides all this, iPhone 5 has a higher quality camera than previous versions and thanks to this and the increased power of the device, the iPhone 5 is capable of taking pictures while we are capturing a video. Maybe you already knew this was possible, but for those who have not yet discovered this great little functionality will explain how we can make a photo while recording a video with the iPhone 5.

So take pictures while recording video with an iPhone 5

As expected coming from Apple how to take a picture while we are recording a video is simple. After a couple of seconds after you start recording a video will appear in one corner of the screen (depending on the orientation of the phone at the time) we will receive the camera icon, a picture will simply pressing it without stop recording video.

It is important to note that the photos taken during the recording of a video does not have the same resolution as pictures taken in photo mode. The resolution of the photos in video mode will have the same resolution as the video FullHD, ie 1920 × 1080 pixels, while the photos taken in the usual way to take pictures have a resolution of 3264 × 2448, certainly a big difference .

Even with the minor inconvenience of the resolution of the pictures, the ability to take pictures while capturing a video is very interesting and certainly people who are used to capture videos will appreciate that Apple has added the iPhone 5 this possibility.

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