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How to Renew Your Session WiFi on your iPad or iPhone

The truth is that the integration of iOS with WiFi wireless network works well. The system is transparent to the user, but in turn allows a deep configuration of the connection parameters, provided some level.

This time, we will present a simple tutorial that give us guys OSX Daily. We know that we can configure the transceiver iOS WiFi to the router assigned an IP address automatically or we give it manually.

The most common is that we set our router to use DHCP for dynamic IP address assignment. This protocol provides a valid address within your local network application to any device that is connected.

renovar sesion wifi ipad iphone Cómo Renovar tu Sesión WiFi en tu iPad o iPhone

How to renew your session WiFi on your iPad or iPhone

  • The process is quite simple and can be summarized in the following steps:
  • We go into Settings> WiFi.
  • We found the wireless network of interest. We must have previously attached to it, so you will see a blue arrow on the right, and a stick next to your name. Click on the blue arrow.
  • In the configuration screen, we have DHCP enabled. If we go down the options, we will see that most of the addresses (IP, mask, router and DNS) are filled automatically. Below appear the option "Refresh grant."
  • Clicking on this option and confirm, the system will display the assigned address. After a short dialogue between our device and the router network, a new IP address. The remaining addresses should be the same.

renovar sesion wifi ipad iphone 2 Cómo Renovar tu Sesión WiFi en tu iPad o iPhone

What do you think of this tutorial? Have any of you had trouble carrying it out?

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