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How to Create Icons "Blank" in Home Screen without Jailbreak

The fact that we could not do the Jailbreak the iPhone 5 so far means that it is difficult to customize it as we want, but that does not mean it's completely impossible.

iconos blancos iphone Cómo Crear Iconos En Blanco en la Pantalla de Inicio sin Jailbreak

As we have seen in recent months, a new category of tricks has emerged, which requires no Jailbreak. These settings and hacks have been used to personalize your iPhone without Jailbreak something. No, they are not as good as the ones we do have access to the root of iOS, but it is useful as an entrepreneur or small group blesses us that the long awaited Jailbreak for iPhone 5 .

One of the latest tricks we could see without allowing Jailbreak is placed on the iPhone home screen icons "blank". This serves to computer icons as you want, leaving blank spaces where we want. It's not perfect, but it could satisfy those who require more customization. Check out the video tutorial.

Step 1. Download the app from the App Store picup. It's free.

Step 2. Place your iPhone in maintenance mode by pressing and holding any application icon.

Step 3. Spend every last page of the home screen, which will be without icons, and take a screenshot.

Step 4. Press the Home button to exit the maintenance mode.

Step 5. Open Safari and go to this link .

Step 6. Click "Upload Photo", then click "Open" in the dialog box "Open this page in" picup "?".

Step 7. Picup opens. Scroll down and click on "Photo Library". Then select the screenshot you took in step 3.

Step 8. Click "Upload Files". It takes a second to load and take you back to Safari.

Step 9. Safari Desplácete down and plays "Let's Go".

Step 10. Now you will see a 4 x 5 grid that simulates the typical home screen. Each icon on this screen are assigned to specific location for the actual start screen. For example, the 1 x 1 icon is placed in the upper left corner of the page of the Home screen.

iconos blancos iphone 2 Cómo Crear Iconos En Blanco en la Pantalla de Inicio sin Jailbreak

Step 11. Tap 1 x 1 icon on the screen. This will open a new page entitled "Add Icon". You see where the icon is selected under the "Custom Icon". In this case you should see 1/Column Row 1.

Step 12. Click the Share button at the bottom of Safari and select "Add to Home Screen".

Step 13. In your "Add to Home Screen", leave the text field empty and click "Add".

Step 14. The icon should appear on your home screen. Return the device in maintenance mode and move the icon to the correct location. In this case, you should move it to the top left corner of the first page of the Home screen, and we've set to "Row 1/Column 1".

iconos blancos iphone 3 Cómo Crear Iconos En Blanco en la Pantalla de Inicio sin Jailbreak

Step 15. Repeat step 9 as many times as you want to place many application icons "blank" in the desired position.

Note: In some wallpapers works better than others. A completely black wallpaper is the only way to make it look as if the blanks were truly invisible, because the black shadow that appears in all application icons.

In short, this is a rather long and tedious, but can be used to personalize your home screen. As I said, it is far from perfect, but with a completely black background is pretty good.

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