Thursday, January 3, 2013

How Bill Gates Was The Grinch for their children this Christmas

Here's a sure way to cause a riot on your family at Christmas: Give your kids instead of Microsoft Surface iPad and MacBook Air that had requested.

Who has been the Grinch? Well none other than the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Apparently, he gave his two daughters and his son at Christmas Microsoft tablet instead of Apple products that had requested them.

regalo ipad bill gates 544x350 Cómo Bill Gates Fue El Grinch para sus Hijos estas Navidades

This revelation comes from Melinda Gates, wife of the tycoon, who said this about Christmas morning in an interview on Radio 4 in the UK:

"When asked whether their children had asked for an iPad or any other Apple product, she replied:" Of course, that question, but have gotten Windows technology "

The richness of our family comes from Microsoft, why should we invest in the competition? "

Responding to Mrs. Gates, because it is Christmas, and at Christmas we try to make people get the things they want, not the things they want egocentrically they want.

Not that I think that a Microsoft product is a bad gift, or anything, but if you really want to give their children the product you would have wanted to have abandoned what they felt.

However, I also understand the anger that should be given to Mr. Gates that your children prefer competing products, and the bad image that would give Microsoft if, for some of those, they saw Bill Gates with an iPad in hand.

What do you think? What would you have done instead?

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