Thursday, January 31, 2013

Honda Announces Free Siri Eyes incorporate two of its upcoming models

Late last year, we announced the addition of Siri functionality Free Eyes on popular brands of vehicles from 2013 (BMW, Audi, Toyota ...).

siri honda1

Well, Honda has announced that two of its upcoming models integrate this new functionality as they are released.

In case you do not remember, with the hands-free system can make calls Free Eyes, manage music or look at the maps, among others, without using our phone (always connected via Bluetooth). Useful and simple.

siri honda2

The models chosen are the Honda Accord and Acura RDX / ILX. It is still unknown the exact release date, but the brand has announced that it will soon when these models include the innovative Siri on their systems. Some models will undoubtedly become the pioneers in integrating.


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