Thursday, January 24, 2013

History repeats itself: Apple announces another record quarter and its market value falls

apple1 La historia se repite: Apple anuncia otro trimestre récord y su valor en Bolsa cae

It happened again: Apple has impressed with some spectacular financial results this week and what happens just after the end of the conference with investors and journalists? The shares of the company are precipitated. Today Apple stock closed at a price of $ 450 per share, representing a drop of 12%. And yet, just over three months, Apple's stock reached $ 700 reach: a record in the Exchange.

Despite the drop in sales of Macs and iPods, Apple said yesterday few many by announcing its financial results:

  1. Again, the company exceeded all previous records and accumulates astronomical figures (54 500 million in sales).
  2. Announces that never in history has a company had achieved those gains for a fiscal quarter.
  3. Exceeds all sales of iPhones and iPads stated above.
  4. Its penetration in the Chinese market is stronger than ever.

So why shares fall so sharply? This time analysts have had to eat his own words-more than ever-as that predicted a failure in sales of iOS devices. Although Apple is showing stronger than ever, investors seem to be afraid to bet on a company that is being heavily criticized lately.

Screen Shot 2013 01 24 at 7.18.23 PM La historia se repite: Apple anuncia otro trimestre récord y su valor en Bolsa cae

More and more voices pressuring Apple to return to the "origins of the first iPhone" and innovate. Many consider that the bitten apple is stagnant and in little, or rather no different than its main competitors.

To regain the confidence of investors, it is clear that Apple needs to prove he can still innovate. If television company came to see the light this year, no doubt that the shares could return to his golden period and exceed $ 700 per unit.

It is very promising one year ahead.

More information, Apple will report its financial results in few hours

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