Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy holidays to iOS and Android

Good news for developers: Between iOS and Android made ​​up nearly two billion downloads in the week will Christmas Day to New Year's Day. This is a pretty significant increase when compared with 1200 million downloads in the same period last year.

In fact, since the end of November, users of the two mobile operating systems world famous had downloaded another billion apps for their smartphones and tablets. Remember that while these figures were considered true milestones when we talked about annual discharges, so you can imagine how happy they are on Google and Apple.

felices fiestas ios android Felices fiestas para iOS y para Android

Moreover, analysts Flurry consulting dare predict billion downloads of mobile apps each week for the year 2013. This means up to 52 billion applications downloaded and installed at the end of the year. Most of them probably will be free with a paid model in the app, but we can infer that it is a huge amount of money for businesses and developers.

felices fiestas ios android 2 522x350 Felices fiestas para iOS y para Android

The countries that did most of the downloads were, in order, the United States (604 million), China (183 million), the UK (132 million), and then a few countries like Germany, France or Canada (in around 50 million). The rest of the list I have below, where Spain contributed 27 million app downloads during Christmas week.

felices fiestas ios android 3 494x350 Felices fiestas para iOS y para Android

What do you think? Have you downloaded many applications this Christmas? Do you think the business of Android is going to fall, or else yet their numbers continue to increase in the coming years?

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