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Guide to Managing Your E-Mail on the iPad

One of the main applications of our tablet is the use of electronic mail or through the native Mail application or by other third-party apps. In this article we will explain how to perform common operations with your email accounts on the iPad.

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How to set up iCloud Mail on your iPad

The free iCloud account that comes default with every iPad includes an email account. This means that any mail coming to that account, immediately appears on all your devices in sync.

To configure it, just go to the menu Mail, Contacts and Calendars in Settings. There is a specific section for iCloud, where we introduce our data. Once done, the new settings will appear in own section iCloud (associated with each device), where we determine what content is automatically synchronized.

How to set up Gmail on your iPad

Starting next week, Google will no longer allow new devices to be configured by GoogleSync (an implementation of the ActiveSync protocol fantastic Microsoft). So next time you want to add Gmail to a device, we use something other IMAP service as Google or Gmail application itself.

Configuring a Microsoft Hotmail, Live Mail or on your iPad

Again, we access the section of Mail, Contacts and Calendars in the Settings menu. Then add a Hotmail account, putting our data and checking what we want to synchronize. This also applies to accounts Live Mail or

How to disable or delete an email account on your iPad

From the menu forever (Mail, Contacts and Calendars), we access the account in question. If you want to temporarily disable the receipt of mail, turn off the switch. If instead you want to completely delete the account, click on the big red button at the bottom.

Other features of Mail to manage your email on the iPad

To generate a self-signed for our messages, we do it from the menu Mail, Contacts and Calendars. We look for where it says Signature and we can set what we want depending on the account under which we are operating. If instead we say default account where we can say what we want our email to use in the first case.

From the Mail application can also make things interesting. For example, since iOS 6 VIP can add some contacts to prioritize their messages. To do this just click Add VIP menu after the blue arrow in the VIP line app.

But if we are in the inbox and click on Edit, then Mark, selected those emails can appear as unread or with a marker on them that gives them more importance.

Of course, you can imagine that all these methods are inherent in iOS, and therefore also work on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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